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This bucket thresher is a small version of my bigger seed threshers for breaking the seeds out of dry seed heads of wildflowers. Using an old blender motor, and five or three gallon bucket with lid, plus a few other materials, this can be put together pretty quickly.

Step 1: Mark and cut the bucket

Picture of Mark and cut the bucket
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Use a small plastic flower pot (this becomes a dust cover for the motor) as a guide for making a circle on the bottom of the bucket in the center. Then mark for three holes around the circle (see the picture.) Cut out the three holes; tin snips work well for this.
streetrod52 years ago
Very interesting, and looks like it's well made. Do you have a parts list?
juanangel5 years ago
Excellent instructable.
There is no picture of a blade.  And a blender blade is to small.
robbtoberfest (author)  juanangel5 years ago
 Thank you; the bottle cap and trimmer line is the "blade". I real blade would break the seeds. The trimmer line will break seeds too if the motor is turned up too high.