Picture of Small fan
Small electric fan from spare parts.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
What you will need:
- small electrical motor and its power supply (I used a 12v old typewriter motor)
- switch
- bridge (4diodes in case you have an AC power source)
- wire coat hanger
- 2 hose clamps
- bit of rubber tubing to fit over coat hanger wire
- a plastic case (vhs, dvd, console game)

Step 2: Motor and stand

Picture of motor and stand
- cut the wire hanger and bend it to look like a stand
- slip 4 cut pieces of rubber tubing over the wire hanger wire (they are used to absorb motor vibration and to stop the fan from moving by itself on smooth surfaces)
- put the two hose clamps over the motor and slip the stand wires underneath the clamps
- tighten the clamp and align the stand to look straight
- attach switch (and bridge rectifier if needed (small box below switch in photo))
- wire all components together
- test operation of motor and switch assembled

Step 3: Fan blade

Picture of Fan blade
- draw a simple blade on a plastic case
- cut the blade out, drill a small hole in the center of the blade
- cut 4 notches around center of blade
- twist blade to resemble a propeller
- force the blade onto the motor shaft (this is critical, because you want the blade to spin with the motor)
- test

Final notes:
Use of a plastic blade is safer then using a metal or wooden one, this way you don't need a shroud over the blade. 12v motor is ideal for several reasons: 1. You can use the fan in your vehicle or at home, 2. 12v gives enough power to have a small fan that is actually powerful enough to cool you off, 3. 12v motor is also small enough to make the whole fan less than 5"l x2"w x 7"h making it a mini fan. I have seen fan of this size that put out a fraction of wind and cost more.