Small Homemade Survival Kit V.01





Introduction: Small Homemade Survival Kit V.01

This is one small part of my survival/camping/fishing bag.
Most of the things I've made, or  bought flea market and repaired.
-Hunting knife
-Homemade knife 
-Rope (1.5 m)
-Rubber  for slingshot
-Sewing kit (scissors, nidle, thread)
Things which are not  in the picture but I  possess them
-Fire starting kit
-Food (for 1 week)
-Cooking kit
-First aid kit



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    you just left out anithing that concerns water. Means you could be sick in 36 hours and dead in about 3 days

    I just found out how hard is to have clean water in disaster Half of my country is flooded and we have no drinking water in some parts, but I have enough supplys and water when it al started I stored water in my bathtub and in all containers, but I'm more concerned about other people who did not prepare, I hope they will be ok.

    in the canteen I have a liter of water, and I always wear three liters of water in a backpack, and I trying to get a water filter

    You can make a water filter. Youtube it :)

    Filtering water is NOT enought. you also need at least to boil it to kill bacteria. viruses etc...

    I see he has a fire starting kit. I think he knows this already.

    Exaclty ! ... many "think" they "know".

    I dont "think i know" sir. Check out my instructable. :)

    It's cool that you buy and repair stuff, help make the world a brighter place you know :-)