Introduction: Small Laundry Room Storage

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I recently moved into a new home which has a small space for a laundry room. I wanted to maximize my storage space here so installed some shelving and cabinet.

Step 1: The Original Space

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When we first moved in we left the space as is with exception of paint. The space is only 58" wide and the ceiling is only 72" high and slopes up to 84".

Step 2: Design

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I measured the existing space and drafted out what I wanted for storage.

Step 3: Out With the Old

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Removed the existing cabinets, patched the wall, primed and painted.

Step 4: In With the New

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I installed the cabinet using the supplied directions. I then cut to fit a large shelf board for the top and a smaller shelf board for the bottom. For added security I installed some shelving brackets.

Step 5: Lastly Reuse

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Once the laundry had its storage space. I decided to reuse the old cabinets in my work shop space.


TomV4 (author)2015-03-13

What an improvement you made!

jbedgood (author)TomV42015-03-13

Thank you.

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