Small Part Holder





Introduction: Small Part Holder

An easy to make paper boat is also a great dish for holding screws and stuff. I learned how to make this boat in elementary school and just recently i realised it would make a great dish for when i'm taking things apart.

Step 1: Materials

All you need for this instructable is a piece of paper and your hands.

Step 2: Folding

First fold the paper in half lengthwise. Now unfold it and fold the two sides into the middle. Next fold the corners into the middle like you are making a paper airplane. repeat. Now both sides should look like the right side of picture three.

Step 3: Finish

Now comes the only difficult part. First slip your fingers under the inside flap (marked with the black arrows) lift that part up and pull towards you while pushiing the bottom edge in with your thumbs (red x). you should then have something that looks like the second picture. Repeat with the other side. now you have a disposable dish for small parts.



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    on more complicated builds/de-builds (e.g. deconstucting a laptop) I find it useful to print of each page of the tech's manual and place the screws/part on the page according to the order they were removed Aside from that I think its probably more useful to have multi-compartment containers that hold the screws pertaining to each of the major de-build steps. Not that this isnt a great idea, I just think that in practice you;ll need a few of these, and in this case you should think about having something to hand rather than making paper boats on the fly - unless of course all the screws are the same length (then in this case you wont know that until the end of the deconstruction)

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    I like to use ice cube trays to hold screws - each step of disassemble goes into the next little cup - even if the screws match a previous screw - Then, when I put it all back together I just go backwards.


    its an origami sampan

    there are these crazy little things called "cups"...


    Only thing i didn't like was it seemed a little vague but thats just me Mostly because i fell that if my little brother cant figure it out then it needs to explained easier lol

    If u made a large-ish one of these (a4 or a3 sheet)out of nice, sturdy paper, you could probably use it as a bowl for party snacks like popcorn or chips. especially candy tho, i like candy.

    Thanks for the feedback. Radiorental: When i thought of using this i was taking apart a tint canister(for mixing paint) so the pieces had colorant and 3-in-1 on them and i wanted something that would absorb some of it. Also the pieces were very distinctiv so i wasnt worried about mixing them up.

    Lol. That's pretty simple. I like it!