Picture Frame Out of Old Hard Disk and CD





Introduction: Picture Frame Out of Old Hard Disk and CD

Hi :)

this is very simple DIY that I tried while ago and finally only now got the chance to share it with you all, hope u like it!
the images are pretty much self-explanatory and what i needed for this project is the following:
•Old Hard disk
•Old CD
•electric copper wire
•screw drivers
•super glue

via screw drivers i took off the circuit board that covers one side of the hard disc and i found this amazing color combination of  Green and Copper...it was no brainy for me to use it for something geeky and beautiful!

i cut 2/3 of the CD, made 2 holes in it and attached to the circuit board using the copper wire. What left of the CD I super glued it to the bottom of the circuit board to support it and make sure that it would stand still.

All the best.



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    looks great! is the 1/3 CD enough to support it, or do you think you would have added more next time?

    thank u amandaghassaei =) actually the bottom of the circuit board is about 1 cm wide which is good enough for the board to stand and attaching the 1/3 of Cd reinforce the board stability.