There are just about a gazillion, if not more, ways to make pixel art. As I like to dabble in woodworking once in a while, I've been playing with the idea of making pixel art out of wood. More specifically, I wanted to make it fairly small-scale, so you could decorate your desk with it. (If you're looking for larger-scale wooden pixel art though, you should check out this awesome instructable by 8bitwood: https://www.instructables.com/id/Stained-wood-pixel-art )

This instructable is quite easy to make, and the tools and materials you'll need are very basic. It doesn't get much more exotic than some wood, a saw and some tape. It's cheap too: I only spent 5 € on the wood and I can get around 1600 5x5 mm pixels out of it. In a nutshell, here's what we'll do in the following steps:
- Use a saw to cut the piece of wood into tiny pixels.
- Lay out the pixels onto adhesive film.
- Color the pixels.
- Add some double-sided tape to the back of the adhesive film.
- Stick the pixel art onto the surface of your choice; it can even be a curved surface!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Materials used:

- Some wood of course. It should be unfinished; otherwise you can't really draw on it. Its dimensions don't really matter since you'll be chopping it all up into tiny blocks anyway. Do make sure that the wood is as thin as possible though. The thinnest I could find were some long wood strips, 4 mm thin (about 5/32"). Optionally, you may also want to experiment with wood in various colors. (I used both a lighter and a darker color variation.)
- A roll of adhesive film. This is optional, but this makes it easier to arrange your pixels.
- Double-sided tape (or something else to stick your pixel art to the surface you choose)
- Any surface or object that you'd like stick your pixel art to

Tools used:

- Any saw that lets you cut thin strips of wood. I used a rusty old backsaw; I've also tried a hand saw and that works fine too. You probably want your saw to have a thin blade too, or you'll be wasting a lot of wood by turning it into sawdust.
- Whatever you can find to draw on wood: color pencils, markers, paint, .. (or, you could also keep things as natural-looking as possible and just get several different colors of wood.)
- A wood rasp/file
- A sturdy utility knife (I say sturdy because you'll be using it to cut thin strips of wood into pixels.)
- A pair of scissors
- A geometry set square, handy for drawing parallel lines
On a different scale, wooden pixels could easily made by cutting popsicle sticks into squares.
<p>Thank you for the popsicle tip, I was looking for something like this.</p>

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