Introduction: Small Tin Knitting Kit (like Altoids)

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This is a knitting kit that I put together in an altoids like box.


jstnbeeks (author)2013-11-03

Could u give me a list of stuff u put in here I am making this for my mom for Christmas

wendyknit (author)jstnbeeks2013-11-04

From a craft store like michaels or joanns: Tapestry needles, stitch markers,folding sissors, row counter, cable needle. The stich holder is a kilt pin or large diaper pin with the end sanded down to make it blunt, regular size stich holders are too large. The mini measuring tape is from the checkout of the hardware store, it is only a three foot tape.

wendyknit (author)wendyknit2013-11-04

also, I stuck two small magnets on the lid to hold the needles.

SandDevilJack (author)2010-09-10

This is AWESOME!!! I am so making this for my wife. she loves mini things, knitting, Altoids, and presents (well, who doesn't?). It's perfect!

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