Introduction: Smaller Headphone Jack

 This Instructable will show you how to make your headphone jack smaller.
(only iphone/ipod and zune earbuds will work)

Step 1: Materials (DUH!)

Ok for this 'ible you will need:-needlenose pliers-wire cutters/scissors-your ipod or zune earbuds(i guess any type of 'buds with a little rubber housing around the jack will work)

Step 2: DO IT

now around the headphone jack there should be a rubber housing; slip this off with your fingers or the cut off the rubber sleeve and marvel in your headphone jack's smallnessthanx for tuning in!
P.S. if you want this jack to last for a longer time, try putting a small amount of heat shrink tubing around it and shrink! XD


fordman15243 made it! (author)2010-05-02

go zune! =D I have the 2nd gen 120gb model =3

ocegueda106 made it! (author)ocegueda1062010-06-12

i kick it old school with the zune models. or in other words im still rocking the first gen 30 gig brown zune :D

fordman15243 made it! (author)fordman152432010-06-13

I had the original white and passed it on to my friend when I upgraded =)

bobert610 made it! (author)bobert6102010-05-02

 nice im getting one for my birthday in a week YES!!!

fordman15243 made it! (author)fordman152432010-05-02

=D They're amazing

ironsmiter made it! (author)2009-11-30

To re-create a measure of strain relief...
Slap on a layer of heat shrink tubing.
It'll still be "epic small", but will probably last 10 times longer, before wire failure.
Considering you'll now HAVE to pull on the wire to unplug the darn thing.

Fun that you can MINImize them like that, but were they really that much too big to begin with? :-)

bobert610 made it! (author)bobert6102009-12-01

 yes i agree i shall add that.

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