This Instructable will show you how to make your headphone jack smaller.
(only iphone/ipod and zune earbuds will work)
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Step 1: Materials (DUH!)

Ok for this 'ible you will need:-needlenose pliers-wire cutters/scissors-your ipod or zune earbuds(i guess any type of 'buds with a little rubber housing around the jack will work)
go zune! =D I have the 2nd gen 120gb model =3
i kick it old school with the zune models. or in other words im still rocking the first gen 30 gig brown zune :D
I had the original white and passed it on to my friend when I upgraded =)
bobert610 (author)  fordman152434 years ago
 nice im getting one for my birthday in a week YES!!!
=D They're amazing