Smallest Binary Clock





Introduction: Smallest Binary Clock

This is the Smallest Binary Clock that show the time with just 4 leds.
The brain in this clock is PIC16F84A,The time will be displayed when the 'show' pushbutton is pressed. The digits of the time are displayed in BCD on the four LEDs. Tens of hours is displayed followed by hours, tens of minutes and then minutes.

Step 1: Parts

For this project you will need:

2.Crystal 32.768khz(you may find in ordinary clocks)
3.Four leds any color
4. Resistors 4x270 ohm
5. Ceramic cap 2x33 Pf
6. Push Buttons 3 peaces

Step 2: Programming and Wireing

First you must program the chip,I use the software ICprog and here is hex code: SmallestBc.
The schematic and wiring you can see here  they are very simple to understand.

Step 3: Finish Clock

Here is my 4 leds binary clock,is too fun to have it,I love this clock you may make too be clock watch.
Also I have upload a gif image too see how can you make too look the clock.
Here is my links:



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I can't download the code.. could someone please reupload it ??

I'm sorry, but it's not the smallest.. Mine is smaller!! ;D<br /><a href=""></a>

Sorry I found the code but,can you have it  in hex?And what number is the chip?

Schematics and code are on my website, but since it's a very old project I don't actually remember the chip name and I don't know where to find the hex... Sorry! :(

isn't it same sized as this -

accept the one in link is not on pcb,otherwise its same sized

sorry to say but ^macobt's^ one is smaller it appears bigger in photo, his one can be made as small as the chip itself using smd leds

This is good watch,Bravo.Can you post me the schematic and code for this project.
Regards macobt

how do you cut the tops off the LEDs

Recently I bought blue 5mm(and only blue leds were available) leds with flat tops

About how much does it cost to make?