Smallest Cannon Ever Made From 2 Things





Introduction: Smallest Cannon Ever Made From 2 Things

the best part about this little thing is that you can upgrade tip to a bigger barrel to shoot toothpicks into apples, or bb's

im still working on the video, im going to buy a bigger cylinder so itll shoot bb's and toothpicks, so you can see how good it fires, because you cant see 4mm peaces of wire shoot at height speed with my camera.

if your interested in this comment so i can make a tutorial.

i shot the gun at a big box from 5ft away, and it made a very loud impact for a little 4mm peace of copper wire. so i have no idea of its range but i know its well over 5ft, and the accuracy is rly good even with a small barrel.

Step 1: Materials

pen(maybe 2)
alcohol (any percentage.)



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    haha alright ill see if i can get the materials again,

    I'm only favoriting this in hopes that you will finish the tutorial. I am commenting to encourage you to keep at it (I know it helps me). I am eager to see it, but am seriously considering trying to do this from only your first pic and materials list.

    haha thanks, im low on money and dont get my allowance for a while so its going to take a bit of time to post in the full instructions, but if you want to do this ahead of time because its really easy to make, just ask ask for help on somthing and ill answer.

    dude the vid dont work

    open the link at the bottom of step 1 to watch the video.

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    You should embed the video. I don't know if you can call this your invention with the number of people who have made the same thing before, but it's still cool.