Picture of Smallest Knex Cannon
2013 22:30.jpg
2013 22:30.jpg
2013 22:30.jpg
2013 22:30.jpg

Step 1: Piece Count (optional)

Picture of Piece Count (optional)
You will need: Connectors: Yellow-24 Red-10 White-4 Green-8 Blue-4 Purple-4 Orange-7 Light grey-1 Dark grey-6 Rods: Yellow-2 Blue-12 White-18 Green-46 Other: Big elastic band-1 Small wheel-2 Grey spacers-20 Blue spacers-8
theknexlord2 years ago
Nice cool disine
Cool, I like it!
Maybe you could try to make a real trigger, that blue rod looks pretty unrealistic.
cinnes1 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
thanks. i may do a updated version and i will make it a better design aswell.