Smallest Knex Cannon

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Introduction: Smallest Knex Cannon

Step 1: Piece Count (optional)

You will need: Connectors: Yellow-24 Red-10 White-4 Green-8 Blue-4 Purple-4 Orange-7 Light grey-1 Dark grey-6 Rods: Yellow-2 Blue-12 White-18 Green-46 Other: Big elastic band-1 Small wheel-2 Grey spacers-20 Blue spacers-8

Step 2: Ammo

Make loads!!

Step 3: Bow

Follow the pics.

Step 4: Wheels

These hold the elastic band.

Step 5: Handle


Step 6: Upper and Lower Barrells

This is the upper and lower barrells that the bullet will slide along.

Step 7: Attaching Upper and Lower Barrells

This is how to attach the upper and lower barrels. Make sure you have the silver spacers!

Step 8: Attaching and Securing the Handle

The orange bit makes it work! You need it!!

Step 9: Attaching the Elastic Band.

Put this around the two wheels and connect to the two white peices.

Step 10: Loading and Firing.

Pull the elastic band back around the white and blue rods then put the bullet in and hold in place with a blue rod. Then put the elastic band around the bullet and relese the blue rod! This fires about 20ft if you have the correct elastic band size! Thanks. Subscribe for more.



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Cool, I like it!
Maybe you could try to make a real trigger, that blue rod looks pretty unrealistic.

thanks. i may do a updated version and i will make it a better design aswell.