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Allways thought "Why we have to leave that CRO behind in the lab". It is so fun experimenting with waves. Now we can do that at home. Just open the excel file and use the sliders to set the  frequency, amplitude and phase for the 2 signals that you supply for x and y coordinates.

Here I used basic formula and chart for the display of the pattern. And for the sliders used standard visualbasic slider object.

If you change or add anything in this, please make sure to post it here for all to see and get inspired.


AndyGadget (author)2012-07-09

Whoooo . . . clever!
I didn't know you could do that with Excel.

artworker (author)AndyGadget2012-07-09

Yes! we can do that and many funny (weired) thing with excel! Kindly vote with the voting button on top of the page, if you think this i'ble worthy!

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