Introduction: Smallest Staircase Door in Minecraft

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This door can be used for hidden bases or storage rooms. It is very fast, and it has a small profile, being two by five blocks and only three high.

Step 1: The Foundation

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To start off, clear a space of two blocks by five blocks and three blocks under the stair case that will be modified.

Step 2: The First Layer

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The first layer consists of the following blocks: one sticky piston, one dropper, and five blocks of your choice. Add an item of your choice inside of the dropper.

Step 3: Redstone!

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Redstone for this step is one repeater set to two ticks, one torch, and three pieces of redstone dust.

Step 4: The Second Layer

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One comparator, two piston and one hopper.

Step 5: The Third Layer

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Just a few stairs

Step 6: Two More Blocks

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Add a block to the back stair, and a half slab next to that block.

Step 7: Put Redstone on It

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Add a piece of redstone to the half slab.

Step 8: Power It

Picture of Power It

Step 9: Finished

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Add stairs around the door.

Step 10: Extra Step

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This build can be mirrored to make the door two wide.


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-01-06

Dawww it's so cute and little! Very nice job, hope we see more from you in the future!

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