this is the worlds smallest ball machine. I even used mini ones it is so small and it doesn't have a motor because that would make it bigger.

Step 1: Making

You could just look at the intro or I'll show you how. Make first pic. Make second pic. Connect like the other pics. Now enjoy.
It's small, but a 'real' ball machine works automaticly, not with moving the balls manually
<p>Well, the first version of the big ball factory (the FIRST knex ball machine ever) didn't have a motor, just a hand crank. </p>
wut were does the ball go
I don't understand it... Do you just put the ball in the holder and that's it? xD
almost as good as Paradox! XD
It IS better than Paradox XP
I know I just don't have a motor
you put it on top then push barely.

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