needed materials

*arduino uno
*ultrasonic sensor HCSR-04
*A low voltage buzzer
*A vibrating motor, it just cost 50rs., for India money

wiring the smart walking stick

*First connect the ultrasonic sensor
++VCC -5v
++ECHO -D11

*Now buzzer
++positive -D7

To find positive and negative,long side is positive and the other is negative

*Now the vibrating motor

*CONNECT the power source (battery ? 9volt)

++Dc male power Jack, that is connect the negative directly to the ? ++toggle switch pin2-to Dc male power Jack, positive. that is

positive at one and the opposite the wire from the battery

Step 1:

<br>code engappa...
<p>where is the code.......</p>
<p>It looks cool, do you have any progress photos from when you were making it?</p>

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