Introduction: Smart Doorbell With LinkitONE

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Want to make a simple toy to check if someone is out of your door? Want to be notified when someone rings your doorbell? Want to impress your friends?

Then you are at the right place!

Here i'll show you how to make a simple gas leak notifier with your LinkitONE!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

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1 . LinkitONE board

2. Doorbell

3. Breadboard

5. LinkitONE GSM antena

6. Battery pack

7. Relay module

8. A doorbell

Step 2: Hacking Into the Doorbell!

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Now let's see where we can hack the doorbell. My connection is threw a power controller which is connected to all lights, fans and heaters of my room. I'll connect the board there.

You'll have to attach your board to a location where you can connect the doorbell easily!

Step 3: Connecting the Relay With LinkitONE

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Now connect the relay to your bell's switch wire. We'll use a relay as the bell works on 220 Volts.

Be careful as you are working on high power!!!!

Step 4: Connecting the Board

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Now connect the LinkitONE to the place where you attached your relay. Make the connections tight so it works well.

Step 5: Setting Up GSM and SMS

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Set up the GSM and SIM card by inserting it into the card slot. Attach the GSM antenna as well. After this move to next step and finalize the circuit.

Step 6: Writing Some Code

The code is really simple here!

We're just taking some digital readings from sensor, detecting if circuit is completed and processing them and then sending SMS.




void setup() {

Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(8,INPUT);

char doorn[14]="xxxxxxxxxx";


void loop()


int bellread=digitalRead(9);

if(bellread==1) {

char doortxt[200]="Someone At Door!";








Now burn this code and then lets start playing!

Step 7: Testing It Out!

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Now test your system out!

Just ring your bell and see the magical sms!

Excited? Impress your friends!


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