Step 2: Frame And Tail

Picture of Frame And Tail
The frame is made out of 75mmX50mm hollow steel, with a angle section welded on one end to act as a rest for the tail and a section of one of the shafts of the smart drive washing machine motor has been welded on a  angle of 30 degrees back and to the side away from the stator to provide the furling for the tail. The bearing mount for the generators is made out of some flat stock  and round stock with a bolt to lock the bearing assembly in. to make this simpler i would do way with the mount that i made and make u-bolts to go over the bearing assembly and lock it down on the frame. the swivel is a piece of the 75mmX50mm box section with a 150mm length of 50mm inside diameter pipe welded on the bottom for the swivel. this is all held on by two u-bolts to allow adjustment for the furling.
The tail is the 200mmX20mm steel pipe welded to a section of pipe with a 30mm inside diameter at a angle of 55 degrees with a gusset for strength, this is the swivel end. The other end has a piece of plywood or sheet metal bolted to it, This needs to be about 700mm square at least.