Smart GPS Tracker- Pets Anti Lost





Introduction: Smart GPS Tracker- Pets Anti Lost

A device keep your pets safe

Ø Real -time tracking: Show the latest location of the device, click update location information to see the latest location information.

Ø Historical route : Display the historical route in certain period of the device,you can check any one day of 90 days historical route.You can choose whether to filter out LBS location data.(note:LBS means the location data indoors,error is large)

Ø Geo-fence : Add check or cancel Geo-fence area,when the device get into or get out of the Geo-fence.The location platform will send alert to App.(note:we suggest the radius of Geo-fence over 20 meters to make sure it can work normal.)

Ø Main monitoring number : The master number,to send command and
receive alarm.

Ø The white list and phone book : Only the phone numbers of white list or phone book can call the phone number of the device and monitoring .

Ø Sensor lights : When the environment gets dark, open LED flash automatically, easier to see about the activity status of wearer.

Ø Remote power-off:Through App to power off device.

Ø Time zones:The factory default is UTC+08:00; users can set it according to local time zone.

Ø Safe zones:Set 2 WiFi safe zones,when wearer leave safe WiFi zones,the App will alert you.

Ø Device message:List shows alert information of device.

Ø Alarm setting:Get the remind via APP when alarm;

Ø Log out : Log out the APP, and never get the alarm remind via APP.

Here is my file,

Step 1: APP Banding

1. Scan the user manual cover QR code

to install the APP.

2. Enter the 10 figures ID number on the tags behind the device.The default password is 123456,click log in,and enter into App



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    This looks like a great device. Do you have a photo of the finished product?

    hi~ thank you for your message.

    pls find the picturces in attatchment:-)