Learning how to grow plants can be complicated and costly. Plants are resilient, but just one innocent oversight can ruin your crop. You can avoid these costly mistakes by letting a Smart Garden System do the hard work for you!

If you would like to know more about hydroponics, Your Introduction to Hydroponics.

You're ready to setup your own system? How to Start Growing Indoors

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Step 1:

It was two years ago when I decided to try using an Arduino Uno microcontroller to replace my individual Lux WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat. These outlets control an appliance, such as a small heater or, in this case, a ventilation fan. A device that is plugged into the outlet turns on and off the appliance by using temperature settings that you manually program into each device. This technique for controlling the ventilation fans is effective, yet uses several extension cords. The temperature outlet controllers use old-fashioned relays to switch the state of the device. My initial attempt was to hack an extension box inserting my own relays into it and connecting them to the Arduino Uno. It wasn’t very long before there was a mess of wires with lots of connector nuts and I was left feeling discouraged.

<p>Prototype: Solar-powered, remote hydroMazing sensor node with pump control.</p>
You (and it) are genius!
Oh you, stop! ;-)
<p>fabulous work </p>
<p>Hello! Is there a photo of the final 'thing' somewhere?</p>
Hi, Thanks for the question!!<br>Step 7, is a picture of the complete set and here is a picture from the Portland Mini Maker Faire of the mini demo tent:

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