Smart Glasses powered by Intel Edison.

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Step 2: About Smart Glass

A low cost alternative in the line of Google card board making technology accessible to wider audience. It is based on Intel Edison single board computer

I very much dislike it when people make instructables like this. Just show how to make it
<p>Just flag it as incomplete, and eventually someone should take it down/get the author to complete it. I just flagged it, but the more people flag it, the faster it will be dealt with.</p><p>Also, the thumbnail is not related to the post, probably a copyright violation, and misleading.</p>
<p>Is Instructables has moderator or something like that? To delete and taking down spam/ useless post like this. </p>
Got any instructions or just showing pictures?
<p>Cool project. Do you have any more pictures of the system in action?</p>

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