This is a step-by-step tutorial building the circuit for "Smart Home Automation with Voice Command" feature.

Download our FREE Arduino Project Code here.

Arduino Uno
• Resistor (220 ohms)
Bluetooth Module (BlueSmirf / BlueMate Silver)
• Android app (Smart Home with Voice Command)

Mini Lamp using Smart Home with Voice command app

Step 1: Construct the Circuit & Upload Arduino Code

Connect all the components to your breadboard.
Place all the components and jumper wires to the correct position.

Code can be found here.

<p>project is fine but cant see any code. please share codes. am waiting </p>
<p>the youtube videos are all private :|</p>
Hello I was wondering what component you choose to control your step 5 additional project
Hello can you design a full functioning home automation that will work on a iPhone ? David Kobierski

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