Picture of Smart Home Automation with Voice command

This is a step-by-step tutorial building the circuit for "Smart Home Automation with Voice Command" feature.

Download our FREE Arduino Project Code here.

Arduino Uno
• Resistor (220 ohms)
Bluetooth Module (BlueSmirf / BlueMate Silver)
• Android app (Smart Home with Voice Command)

Mini Lamp using Smart Home with Voice command app

Step 1: Construct the circuit & Upload Arduino Code

Picture of Construct the circuit & Upload Arduino Code

Connect all the components to your breadboard.
Place all the components and jumper wires to the correct position.

Code can be found here.

byç22 months ago

project is fine but cant see any code. please share codes. am waiting

rsimionescu3 months ago

the youtube videos are all private :|

jmpm46191 year ago
Hello I was wondering what component you choose to control your step 5 additional project
djopole1 year ago
Hello can you design a full functioning home automation that will work on a iPhone ? David Kobierski