My husband and I finally decided to get rid of our land line, but I needed to find a way to comfortably have long phone conversations with friends on my cell phone. I bought a Bose headset, which improved the sound quality on my phone, but I wanted to find a way to easily carry the phone around the house.

I decided to design a bag to hold my phone (with enough room for keys and credit cards if I was going out for a walk). It was a learning process, and I ended up making 3 bags, gaining valuable experience from each one.

In this instructable, I share my tips for making professional looking bags, which can be used for your phone, or anything else you want! If you like this instructable, please vote for it.

Step 1: Material for the Main Bag

Being a thrifty soul, my first idea was to make the bag using leftover scraps from 2 recent upholstery projects.

I had purchased the handwoven red ikat fabric in a small weaving village in Bali, and wanted to use every bit of it - you can see the leftover piece in the 2nd photo above. It was a thin cotton which would need reinforcing.

The blue chair fabric was stiff and frayed terribly - not the easiest to work with!

Given these fabric challenges, I decided to make the bag design fairly simple. And after making 2 bags from the upholstery leftovers, I made a third bag from cotton fabric, with a laser cut motif fused (appliqued) on the front.

<p>great idea for remnants! I recognize the ikat! Haven't cut into mine yet. Perhaps if there is some left over after I find it's ideal big project... </p>
<p>I would vote for it, but I don't know where to vote. It came through as just an instructable, not as part of a contest. So if you had included a link to the contest, I could have voted for it. These are just what I've been wanting, although I will add a flap when I make one.</p>
<p>Thanks SallyJ7 - I am glad you like the instructable and hope you enjoy making it. There should be a small Vote button in the top right corner of the instructable - you just click on that button to vote. Cheers!</p>
<p>Yay, got it, thanks!</p>
<p>Smart x 2 (clever + spiffy) design of smart phone bag x 3.</p><p>Very nice, user-friendly option for hands-free phone chats.</p>
<p>These are beautiful!</p>

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