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Introduction: Smart Phone Home

When you drop your iPhone and crack the screen, it can feel devastating! Our OLYS teens wanted to try out Sugru to see if they could fix a cell phone or at least make it so the phone wouldn't crack even more.

Step 1: Cell Phone Drama

We've all been there. Your phone is in your hand one minute and the next it's flying through the air and hitting the concrete! Here's a way that you can combat that nasty crack and still texting and calling your friends.

Step 2: What to Do

All you need is 1 minipack of sugru (black blends in well) some scissors and some tissue paper. And your cell phone of course!

First, wipe and clean your screen with a tissue paper. Open a minipack of Sugru and tear off a tiny amount. Blend the Sugru into the cracks and smooth it softly over the surface of the phone for a nice bond.

Step 3: You Can Call Me Anytime!

When your finish feels smooth leave your phone to set overnight. You will be happy you spent the time using Sugru on your phone!



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Interesting idea! What have your results been with this method? Have the cracks spread further?