Step 4: Made a Few More...

Just as an update, I've made a few more of these for around the house...

One in the bedroom as a charging stand/alarm amplifier.

One in the bathroom for amplified music play while taking a shower.

One in the garage for working out there on projects.

One in the backyard for music amplification.
The Samsung Note II and Note 3 are both on the bottom. The Note II is on the back and shown in the photo's, and the Note 3 is on the bottom edge. I'm not sure about other models as they move around according to space and design.
Isn't the speaker on the top at the back on Samsung phones?
I'm not sure about other models and brands but the Samsung Note II is on the back of the phone at the bottom.
s5 also has it on lower left side
<p>Ooo that looks awesome! You should see if you're interesting in entering the DIY university contest! Thanks for sharing!</p>
I hadn't but now I will, thank you for the suggestion

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