This is Smart Plant with Ethernet and in arduino.

Ethernet is WIZnet W5500 Ethernet shiled. It is very easy possible using the ethernet. Ethernet or internet is originally using TCP/IP Protocol communication. And originally TCP/IP Stack is Software. But, W5500 is solved TCP/IP Protocol 4 Layer. So, It is very easy possible ethernet.

Component List

1. WizArduino 2ea (12V input, 3.3V operation)

2. PM1001, Dust Sensor

3. DHT22, Temperature & Humidity Sensor

4. Rain Sensor

5. Moisture Sensor

6. DWP-385 WATER PUMP (DC Motor)

7. Transistor 2ea (Relay control)

8. Relay 2ea (5V input, maximum 220V)

9. DC FAN motor (12V input)

Step 1: Configuration

Smart plant is All Sensor connection.

make order is.. First, I configurations each sensor. hardware (schematic) , Sortware (Arduino IDE). And final configuration to each sensors.

Step 2: Software.

This project is using cloud(Ubidots).

Source code is bellow URL.


<p>the link of code is not available</p>

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