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Smart Segregator/Dustbin talks to you when you approach it and helps you choose the correct options to throw your waste. In our version it first speaks in english and if you stand around longer it will speak in Konkani (Goan Language). The moment you move away it says thank you and shuts up. And we made the smart segregator separate from the dustbin because then you could put it in front of any 3 standard public dustbins as well.

Step 1: Components

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Step 2: Circuit Diagram

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Step 3: Adding Required Arduino Libraries

1) New ping library

ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) are used to detect the presence of human beings in front of the dustbin.

new ping library is used.

2) DFplayer mini library

DFplayer mini is used for playing the required the audio.

Step 4: Preparing the DFplayer Mini

All the 8 audio are added to micro sd card and inserted into the DFplayer mini.The audio names should be 0001, 0002, till 0008.

connect a drive speaker less than 3W to pin spk1 and spk2 pin of DFplayer mini.

Step 5: Code

Upload this code in arduino.

Step 6:

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vsingh95 (author)2017-02-08

Can you please send me code related to this at

its also in the description of the video

vsingh95 (author)2017-02-08

Can you send me the code related to this!

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