Smart Sheet Invention for Water Rides





Introduction: Smart Sheet Invention for Water Rides

I am a mechanical engineer, inventor, and an avid flowboarder.  I have just patented this invention that could cut the operating costs of sheet waves, in half.  If you would like to know how to patent something, check out my "How To Patent an Invention" Instructable.



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    South African living in New Zealand! Thanks for the offer anyway!

    Very impressive design! I actually had a similar idea in mind but I wasn't sure how I would keep the flow in line with the rider. I'm no electrical whizz and would never have thought of this! Absolutely brilliant!

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    Thanks. I have a rep talking to Waveloch. Hopefully, they will make this happen.

    Are you ever in Indianapolis? We have a Flowrider Double. I would love to shred with you! Hit me at