Smart Shirt





Introduction: Smart Shirt

A shirt which can do your common tasks by just tapping your phone on the cuff. So no need to go inside any app or open any settings,just tap and you're done.

Go ahead to know more about this.....

Step 1: What's Inside Smart Shirt

Smart Shirt is basically an NFC enabled shirt. This shirt is embedded with 4 NFC tags programmed for 4 different tasks. Two NFCs are on top and bottom of the right cuff and other two are top and bottom of the left cuff.

This feels like the speed dial button on our phone. Just tap on one of the side of cuff and the programmed taks will be automatically performed.

Step 2: Use of Smart Shirt

I have made one video on how smart shirt proves helpful and also time saving stuff in our office. This video will reveal the actual use of this shirt. Have a look.....

Step 3: More Coming Soon

Watching this video, I think you all must now be knowing how to make our own smart shirt. But still if you are not a techie guy and don't know about NFC and all, subscribe my YouTube channel because soon I'm going to upload making of smart shirt video.



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    This is kind of neat.