Smart Steering System for Robot Cars Using Stepper Motor of Old Floppy/CD Drive





Introduction: Smart Steering System for Robot Cars Using Stepper Motor of Old Floppy/CD Drive

Smart steering system for robotic cars
Are you worried making a good steering system for your robot car?

Here is a superb solution just using your old floppy/ CD/DVD drives.

watch it out and get an idea of it

Step 1: Take the CD / Floppy Disk Drive

First you need to unscrew the old floppy
disk drive.

Then take the stepper motor and the laser bulb tray which is attached to the stepper motor’s axis.

Step 2: Things You Need to Build the Steering Frame

Step 3: Cut Off the Unwanted Area With a Saw Blade

Step 4: First Take the 2 Long Strips and the Rectangular Strips

! Remember ! Don’t fix these tight. Make
it loose so that it can move easily

Step 5: Fix the Wheels to “L” Shape Parts, Allowing Them to Rotate Smoothly

Fix the wheels to “L” shape parts,
allowing them to rotate smoothly

Step 6: Finalize the Structure

Fix the wheels to the green frame tightly, Don’t make it loose

The blue colour strip connects to the stepper motor horizontally.

It moves with the stepper motor, so that the wheels will also turn left and right.

The red colour strip connects to the vehicle tight.

Step 7: Fit It to Your Car

watch my example car videos for more ideas

Step 8: Watch My Example Car Videos for More Ideas



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