Hi, everyone, i would like to introduce how i remake my mosquito killer here. With this remaking, my mosquito killer become "Smart", and really facilitate my life.

I rented a room in very remote place to save my money, in the summer, the biggest  trouble I come across, is the mosquito.These annoying mosquitoes always woke me up in the middle of the night and bite me scarred. So, I bought an electric mosquito coil to drive them away. But I found that my electric mosquito coil runs fast very soon because I always forget to turn it off when I wake up in the morning.

This is not only a problem of money, but also harmful to my health. I don’t know if this “Mosquito killer”  will kill me too if i stay in the room with this killer  on all the time. 

And as I know, usually the mosquito do not trouble me in the daytime, and, if the temperature is not so high, the mosquito sleeps in home and do not trouble me, too.

So, I need something to 
1. Turn off my electric mosquito coil in the morning and turn it on in the night automatically,
2. When the temperature is low, turn off the electric mosquito coil, to save money and my health.

As a software engineer and Arduino lover, I decide to make such a device.
First, I need:
1. A RTC module, to give out the current time message.RTC is a “real time-clock”, and gives the real time to the system: ”hey, man, it’s time to wake up! ”
2. A Relay shield, to control the on/off of my electric mosquito coil,“Relay” is a kind of module to help you control the on/off of large current/high voltage device, with low voltage.
3. An Arduino board,  i use the crowduino from elecrow, it works well, and, inexpensive.
4. A Waterproof temperature sensor, to detect the environment temperature.I use this sensor to get the temperature, when the temperature is low, the killer should not be on.
5. A Screw shield and some tools like the pliers, to make your connection more convenience.With the screw shield, it would be easy for you to connect the wires, you do not a soldering iron any more.

All parts are buy form Elecrow, an open hardware store, all parts are work nice and the price is cheap enough.

Step 1: Connect the Temperature Sensor to the Screw Shield

Ok, let's go! The first step is connecting the temperature sensor to the screw shield. Just as the picture shows, a resistor is needed here. Connect a 4.7k resistor in parallel to the red and white pins of the temperature sensor( thanks to the carefulness of elecrow , this resistor was packaged with the temprature sensor) . Then, connect the wires to the screw shield as in the picture.
The three wires of the temperature sensor definition are:
I used the same RTC for a binary clock. It was relatively easy to program the time, but after two weeks it is already inaccurate by three minutes. Thinking this might become a problem if it is intended for longtime use. Darn those cheap Chinese products! The prices are so consumable, but their reliability can always be foreseen as nonexistent. I will never stop buying them though :)
Have you thought about producing high frequency using arduino to repel the mosquitoes? I think it would be healthier.
It maybe has a little difficult, do you have any idea?
Hey, nice project! I might be putting together one for the summer. <br>Just a quick note: RTC=real-time clock. <br>
Thanks for your remind! I have modify it.
What liquid to you put in the vaporizer?
Hi Ringai, <br>I put the mosquito incense liquor to the vaporizer, it is matched to the vaporizer, both them are sell together in the market.
Thanks, Jack!
are you sure that this system kills mosquitoes ?
Hi Andreyeurope, <br>Yes, of course. The main thing I want to show is the automatic control, you can use it in much places not only for the liquid vaporizer.
Then it is very nice.
it's very useful!I live in shenzen too! can you share this instruction in www.geekfans.com.i built this site for chinese DIYers!
No problem, I glad to share it, this instruction has GPL license, you can share it too.
awesome app and works great on my tablet. theres lots of inspirational designs.
awesome app and works great on my tablet. theres lots of inspirational designs.

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