Smart Phone Car Holder


Introduction: Smart Phone Car Holder

This project was created out of frustration of not being able to safely use my smartphone for navigation. Many commercial options are available, but this was easy enough and fits exactly where I want it, in my dash with the other instruments.

Step 1: Materials and Bending


  • Wires (I used clothes hanger)
  • pliers
  • ruler
  • grid paper

Outline your device for a custom fit on the grid paper and also use for maintaining perpendicular bends. A bench vise would make this much easier.


  1. design structure
  2. design bend sequence
  3. measure bends
  4. make bends and repeat as necessary

Step 2: Fit to Automobile

Make sure your device fits nicely in the wire hanger. Now fit in your car where ever you want. I designed my hanger to fit snugly in my instrument dashboard.

Enjoy a homemade, highly visible navigation device!



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    thanks for the great idea I made the same thing but hanging from the visor.

    I think the police don't like this too much?! :D

    how will you know when to change gear or how fast you are going but it it is really quite cool. its a good way to recycle old copper hangers

    ...but what about the instrument panel? Speedometer and such? They're now covered up...

    1 reply

    TheGeek1984, that is a good observation that I didn't consider. I dont really use the tachometer and can see enough of the speedometer. A smaller smartphone would also be an option.


    I have faced the same problem of getting the right holder, Never thought of creating one like this.