Using a $5 GPS windshield mount from the flea market a few "Super" magnets and some Sugru ( http://sugru.com/ ) to make a holder for my iPod Touch. By changing the hard case and attaching the manets with Sugru this should work with any SmartPhone too!
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Step 1:

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I wanted to make it iPod easy to remove from the mount, so I chose magnets.

Step 2:

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I picked up a hard shell for the iPod.

Step 3:

First I tried to glue the magnets with "Super Glue" Cyanoacryate. No luck, the curve of the hard case made it imposable to stick to a flat surface like the mount.

Step 4:

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So I grabbed an old Friend Sugru! I moulded the Sugru around the magnets and covered with plastic wrap.

Step 5:

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The plastic wrap allowed me to mould the Sugru and magnets in a uniform thickness by pushing the hard case onto a hard surface. After I removed the plastic wrap and trim the Sugru to a nice shape. Setting the case iside and allowing it to cure overnight.

Step 6:

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I added magnets to the mount.

Step 7:

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I found that I could slip the magnets into the "clip" part of the mount .

Step 8:

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And by sticking another magnet on top, I now have a flat face to add the iPod hard case to.

Step 9:

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Now I can snap my iPod into its case, and the case will stick to the windshield mount.

Step 10:

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