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Introduction: Smartphone and Voice Controlled RGB LED Light

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Hello, everyone!

In this Instructable I will be showing you step-by-step how to make this beautiful RGB LED Light system. This project was a lot of fun to make and I am very happy with the result. Overall this project won't cost you too much money and you will control the colour using your Smartphone or even with your voice and it can be changed to any color that you like!

Let's get started with this project!

Step 1: Order Your Components!

Here you can find all the parts that you will need to make this project:

1x Arduino Nano

1x HC-05 Bluetooth Module (or HC-06)

1x 3 Channel Relay Module

1x RGB LED Strip

1x 12V Adapter (In my case 5A)

1x 4.7K Resistor

1x 2.2K Resistor

1x 12V Power Plug

1x PCB Board (Optional)

1x 1N4007 Diode (Optional)

Step 2: The HC-05 Bluetooth Module

Comparing it to the HC-06 module, which can only be set as a Slave, the HC-05 can be set as Master as well which enables making a communication between two separate Arduino Boards. But in this project both of these modules will work, because we only need the Bluetooth module as Slave mode.

The HC-05 Bluetooth Module that I have can be powered from 3.6 to 6 volts, because it comes on breakout board which contains a voltage regulator. So, make sure that your bluetooth module can support the 5V coming from the Arduino.

The logic voltage level of the data pins is 3.3V. So, we need to make a simple voltage divider between the Arduino TX and the Bluetooth module RX using two resistors (I used a 4.7K resistor and a 2.2K resistor).

Step 3: Wire Up the Electronics!

Here you can find the schematic that I created for this project:

Relay module:

  • VCC connect to 5V
  • IN1 connect to D2
  • IN2 connect to D3
  • IN3 connect to D4
  • GND connect to GND

The HC-05:

  • VCC connect to 5V
  • RX connect to TX
  • TX connect to RX
  • GND connect to GND

RGB LED Strip:

  • Vcc connect to 12V on the Power Plug
  • Red wire connect to Relay 1
  • Green wire connect to Relay 2
  • Blue wire connect to Relay 3

As you can see on the shematic I added an extra layer of protection for the Arduino by adding a diode, even if the relay module has a built-in diode I prefer ading this layer of protection, but this is optional.

Step 4: Control the Colour!

To control the colour of the LED I am using this app : BlueUino

This app is really nice because it adds you the fonctionnality of controlling the colour using your voice. But you need first to go to the settings and setup the app as shown in the screenshots.

To control the colour of the LED using your voice you have to press on the microphone that is on the bottom of the homepage and then speak.

Step 5: The Enclosure!

If found this project box at a local electronics store. It was very easy to work with since i'ts made of plastic.

I drilled 3 holes on one side of the box : one hole for the RGB LED wires, one for the 12V power plug and the last one for the mini USB of the Arduino Nano.

The box dimensions are 15x12x4. I think that a smaller box will also be nice because this box was a bit big for this project.

Step 6: Upload the Code!

Here you can download the Arduino sketch that I created for this project.

Step 7: Finishing Up!

Now you need to install the RGB LED Strip into place, connect all the LED Strip wires to the correct place and it's done.

Awesome! You just created your own smartphone controlled RGB LED Strip!

I hope that you all enjoyed this Instructable! Thanks for reading!



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