Picture of Smartphone Controlled Wood Stand
The idea: Remote Controlling the pan movement of a heavy LCD TV, LCD Computer Monitor, or any other object using an Android Smartphone or a Windows, Linux or MAC computer or the manual controls on the Stand.

UPDATE: Control Up to 5 Stands at the same time using the Android Application or a Windows, Linux or MAC computer and all this using just one Arduino

Step 1: The Concept Design and the Prototype Videos

Picture of The Concept Design and the Prototype Videos
- Conceptual design video:

-The Stand in action:
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ehartl3 months ago


i really like your Wood Stand. It is my favorite Instructable and I always wanted to build one. I would like to rotate the stand 180 degrees or even more (one full rotation would be awesome). My monitor is in the middle of my room and I often need to turn it around. This stand would be the perfect solution. I'm also planning to make it track my face, so that it will always turn towards me.

Which servo do you recommend?

Thank you for this cool project

aldricnegrier (author)  ehartl3 months ago

Thanks eharthl,

Normal servos rotate 180 degrees, i you need 360º you should try a NEMA 17 stepper motor, or a DC geared motor with low RMP.

georg_mysicka5 months ago

Hi volks, very nice project. Thank you for sharing. I just tried it without potentiometers, like in that image up, but without success. I must have connected potentiometers etc I think.

Can you tell me please somebody of you, which kind potentiometers i need? Because didn't found here what resistance must have that resistor and potentiometers and if i need logaritmic, or linear type..?

Thank you very much

aldricnegrier (author)  georg_mysicka3 months ago

I just read you message now, i used normal linear 10K potentiometers.

Hi, great idea. thank you.

I want to use it for TV holder and windows blinds :)

But i have a question, can I use simple BT module like this?


aldricnegrier (author)  daniela.kinzlova7 months ago

Hello Daniela,

Yes you can, as long as the BT interface is Serial Port.



So many times i cant be bothered to turn around my monitor or tv!


aldricnegrier (author)  rickyeatough11 months ago

Thanks :)

seyboy1 year ago
hi sir i am doing the project but i am from ghana and i cant get the bluetooth module in time can you please tell me how i can use wifi to do the connection so that i can use my phone or tablet .. please can you send me the instruction to my email degraft87@gmail.com ... thank you
narker2 years ago
Hey! Great project. I am a little bit of a noob. I am doing a similar project to this, and I have the Arduino and Servo. How do I go about powering the servo?
aldricnegrier (author)  narker2 years ago
Hi narker, sorry i just saw your message today :(

By this time i think you may already know how to power the servo. But here is my answer anyway:

It depends on your servo. If your servo is small and consumes low current, you can power it using the Arduino board.

On the other hand if it is a high torque servo that consumes a lot of current, than you have to power it using a external current source.

I powered mine with the a 5V or 6V transformer that also powered the Arduino board. Just make sure that the transformer can deliver enough current to power the servo and the Arduino at the same time.

willpow19933 years ago
Hi Mobile Earth Explorer,

Great instructable! What kind of maximum weight can these turn? I've been looking at making a controlled rotation device but I was attempting to do it using an old DJ turntable. I kept coming unstuck as the bearings in the turntable couldn't handle the weight I was putting on it (obvious when you think of the weight of a record compared to the 13Kg I was putting on it!). Do you think that your system would be able to manage that sort of weight?

aldricnegrier (author)  willpow19933 years ago
Hi willpow1993,

The wood/marble turntable i built can easily handle 60Kg, i know this because i set on it and it managed to turn me. i did this experiment before i put the yellow plastic "legs". In order to do this, you will need to put stronger "legs" under the turntable, i used plastic pins, you can use some wood cubs for example.

keep in mind that the servo motor i used has 24.70 Kg-cm in torque.

Awesome! Thank you!
You don't really need a bluetooth connection to turn that wood stand. It can be done with a small IR remote and an IR sensor instead of bluetooth adapter. and it's also cheap :D
aldricnegrier (author)  Timofte Andrei3 years ago
Hi there h3x, the idea of this project was to use a smartphone to control the stand, i don´'t know any smartphones on the market that emits an IR signal, so it has to be done via Bluetooth or WiFi. Cheers.

This will be the first time I will be using an Arduino board and I will be buying it from a supplier who might not have the exact stock.

Could you please tell me exactly what Arduino board it is I should be buying?

Many thanks
aldricnegrier (author)  sixfootjames3 years ago
Hi there, in this project i used the Arduino Uno Board.

Thank you, that helps plenty!
aldricnegrier (author) 3 years ago
UPDATE: Control Up to 5 Stands at the same time using the Android Application or a Windows, Linux or MAC computer and just one Arduino.

Thanks to all of you for your contributions/ideas, the project is now more complete :)
zvizvi3 years ago
Great project!

I really appreciate the craftsmanship in building the physical rig, and the marbles trick is great stuff. Thanks for sharing :)

Could you also share the Android code?
I am about to go on my first Bluetooth adventure and would love some reference code, as the documentation looks pretty daunting...

aldricnegrier (author)  zvizvi3 years ago
Hi zvizvi,

I have the intension of uploading the code to the Android Market, or better the Google Play, so if i share the code here i loose control on "ownership" of the application.

I recommend you start by tinkering the Android Dev site and start working with the Bluetooth example.

I will eventually release the source code one day ... sorry for this, i hope you understand.

Thanks for replying so quick!
I understand,
although I should say I am sole owner of a few apps that are stored on Google code (public SVN, read only access) and are available on the market - not for sale, though. But anyway that's your choice and it's perfectly fine, the build and the apps themselves are GREAT :))
Fik3 years ago
Excellent instructable.
I like the mixture of high tech + woodworking, and the idea of building a wood and marbles flat roller bearing is brilliant (from time to time I have come across a project and get stuck because it uses an expensive / hard to find flat bearing)
aldricnegrier (author)  Fik3 years ago
I could have used a lazy Susan flat barring on the stand, but it wouldn't have been so challenging and interesting to build. Also the lazy Susan flat barrings are hard to find in local hardware stores, i could only find them on-line. Thanks for your comment.
Geedox3 years ago
Great Idea! I remember a Sony TV set in the 80's that turned the Set towards the remote control. Precision was sketchy at best and - I imagine - Weight and power issues ditched the idea at the time. Today's lighter TV's are a different history. Keep it up!
aldricnegrier (author)  Geedox3 years ago
Yup, monitors now a days are "feather weights", thanks for the comment.
Kelpbot3 years ago
Very cool project.
Another interesting path to follow would be to have the rotation automated. If you mounted a webcam to the stand, then you could have it track your face or a brightly colored "tag" attached to your shirt. Then you could program the turntable to turn until the webcam was directly pointed at your face or the tag. That way, if you wanted to walk to the other side of the room for your coffee and you don't have any free hands to operate your phone, the screen would already be facing your direction.

Just a thought,

aldricnegrier (author)  Kelpbot3 years ago
Thanks for your contribution Kelpbot, its a great idea!
draco9633 years ago
This is freakin' AMAZING!!!!!

Now, do I HAVE to use an Android device, or would there be someway to make this work in some other wireless manner?
aldricnegrier (author)  draco9633 years ago
Thanks for the comment.

I promised the user offtherails2010 to upload a Java application that will allow you to control the stand via Bluetooth from your Windows, MAC or Linux, so keep tuned in for that update.

Phenominal. Thanks mobile_earth! Can't wait!
mstarkey13 years ago
The Lazy Susan for the 21st century. Great idea.
aldricnegrier (author)  mstarkey13 years ago
Thanks mstarkey1 :)
aldricnegrier (author) 3 years ago
I have updated this Instructable so that you can now control up to 5 stands using a single Arduino. The Android app is also capable of controlling up to 5 stands.
!!! DUDE !!!

Your an absolute GENIUS !!! Youve done it !!!!

Truly AMAZING work and i stand back in awe at this marvel youve upgraded !! totally superb work, rated it 5-stars everytime i visit and im collecting all thats required to make at least 4 of these now, one each for 3 monitors and one to show off my RC Buggy lol !!

Totally Blown Away with your work - You should enter this into a competition if it could fit into a current category from instructables !!!

The best Monitor turn-table idea SINCE SLICED BREAD !!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the most-excellent work !!!!
aldricnegrier (author)  offtherails20103 years ago
" The best Monitor turn-table idea SINCE SLICED BREAD !!!!!!!!!! "

lol :)

Thanks, i am glad you appreciate all the work i have done.
Your most-welcome !

& its a very high-appreciation ! VERY !

shazy7923 years ago
apply grease to marbles the jig will move way smoother and quieter!!!
aldricnegrier (author)  shazy7923 years ago
Ok i will give it a try and see how it goes. I will firstly treat the wood with wood varnish, let it dry, and than i will apply some bearing grease. Thanks.
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