Step 18: The Computer Application (Win, Linux and MAC)

This Application runs on a Windows, Linux or Mac machine using  Java RXTX library.

Please read this following article on how to configure RXTX on Windows Linux and MAC:

These following steps describe the Windows version (COMPORT):

Step 0: 
"Installing" the RXTX on a Windows machine

   - Download the files at http://rxtx.qbang.org/wiki/index.php/Download
   - comm.jar or RXTXcomm.jar goes in c:\...jre\lib\ext\
   - win32com.dll or rxtxSerial.dll goes in c:\...jre\bin\

Step 1: In order to run the Windows Application you need to pair with the Bluetooth module first, this is done by following the next    steps:

   - Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers

   - Now Select:

   - Add a device

   - Select the Bluetooth device and press next

    - Pair with pin code - 1234

Step 2 : No that the Bluetooth device is paired with you Computer you just need to discover the COM Port.Go to the My Computer icon, right click and select properties

   - Go to device manager

   - Check for the Bluetooth COM port

   - COM18 ( Bluetooth module is associated to the COM18 port in my personal computer)

Step 3: Now that we now the associated COM port, open comand line by typing cmd , than navigate to the file location and type:

      java -jar multistandcontrol.jar COM18

You will now have access to the stand via your Windows Blootooth enabled device

For configuring the "COMport" on a Linux or a MAC please read this article: http://arduino.cc/playground/Interfacing/Java