One projects leftover is another projects raw material :-)

My recent instructable Webcam-mod-for-Astrophotography resulted in the webcam lens being leftover, after searching on Instructables I found quite a few uses for the lens



and decided to try building a microscope attachment for my mobile phone. I am quite pleased with the magnification, should keep the kids interested. Refer to my previous instructable on how to remove the lens from the webcam.

What I really would have liked is for this project to use laser cut acrylic or polycarbonate sheets with proper rack and pinion focusing mechanism and overall a more portable and sturdy structure. Since I had neither of either I decided to dig up my scrap pile and came up with this contraption that does the job and is quick and easy to make.

The sample photos are

1. A hair follicle
2. Part of a tiny pumpkin leaf
3. Hair on a mosquito leg
4. Hair on a mosquito abdomen
5. Head of the dead mosquito

Its not that I like mosquitoes, its just that its the only insect I felt good about killing and photographing, not to mention easy to find in my apartment.

Materials needed are, 3 old CDs/DVDs, two screws, a rubber band, a means of cutting and making holes in the CDs/DVDs and a microscope slide (thin rectangular piece of glass) for placing specimens.

Step 1: The Big Picture

The picture shows what the whole thing looks like so it is easy to visualize when I explain in the next steps. Essentially it is a large 3 armed clip that you can clip onto the selfie (front) camera of a mobile. This allows you to easily see the magnified image and reposition it if required.

Throughout this instructable I am going to refer to the CDs as top, middle and bottom. The mobile phone is held between the bottom and middle CDs, the lens is attached to the middle CD only and the specimen is placed on the top CD. The pencil and the screws act like hinges for the three CDs. A rubber band holds all three together.

<p>Hi,</p><p>I am wondering if an old cellphone camera lens will work for this, or are there major differences between webcam lens and the cellphone lens?</p>
<p>I think you need to tell us a bit more about the lens. Any idea of it's optical charcteristics so we can dig up something similar? Thanks.</p>

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