I don't have time to futz around with drivers when I want to scan a document at work. I've tried using my phone to scan documents before but found I couldn't hold the phone stable and level enough to get a picture I wasn't embarrassed to work with. Luckily for me, the high school I work at has a wood shop, so I just took one of my shelves down to the shop, chucked a big Forstner bit into the drill press, and put a hole in the shelf. Add some Ikea strip lights, and I had a cheap, quick, and easy document camera. 
<p>I liked this durable look but for lack of a shelf to put a hole in I made a box and added 20 led modules from ebay. Thanks for sharing!</p>
I mean to say hole
I mean to say hole
How did you decide how large to make the hold.
<p>Very clever and simple, love it!</p>
Cool! I needed a way to turn my DSLR into a scanner. I was thinking of hanging it from my bed, but this looks much easier. I'll just make a shelf above my desk.
Very clever, thanks for sharing.
This is great. Thanks for the idea.

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