Smartphone Spy Camera Hack





Introduction: Smartphone Spy Camera Hack

In this instructable I am going to teach you how to use your smartphone as spy cam

Step 1: Step 1

Download the app.

Link :

Step 2: Step 2

Adjust the settings.(Username,Password,Video and sound quality etc.)

Step 3: Step 3

Open the IP at the phone screen from your computer.And there you go you can listen sound,watch video.take photos and more.



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    How to select Wich phone trget ? If there are more than 2 phone connected at the same ip?

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    This isn't a hack, this is an app doing its designed job. You need physical access to said device.

    tried it and it worked super easy and awesome

    i can't understand the last step

    coo' I like this thank you for the instructable

    pretty interesting stuff, looking forward for more of this sort.