Smartphone Tripod & Stand, Small and Foldable


Introduction: Smartphone Tripod & Stand, Small and Foldable

How to make a small stand for smartphones,
- Two sides, "tripod" on one and viewing stand on the other.
- Can be folded flat, small enough to fit in a wallet.
- The phone can be tilted 0-15 degrees on the tripod side.

Step 1:

- a piece of polypropylene (PP) plastic sheet 0,6-0,8 mm thick, 18,5 x 5 cm,
  ( this material is common in plastic boxes )
- Tape
- Self vulcanizing rubber tape (also called self-fusing or self amalgamating tape)

Step 1:
- cut out the plastic piece
- print out the PDF template and tape it on the plastic piece
- make the holes and make a surface mark through the cutting lines with a sharp knife ( if you make the holes with a "hole puncher", clear the pipe every 5:th hole for best function, I use this"tool" )
- remove the template and cut out the piece as shown .

Step 2:

- bend the "holy hinges" back and forth all the way a few times to make them soft
( sometimes 1 or 2 points break on the first or second bend, it is not a problem,
this type of "hinge" is normally very durable, see my test ).
- tape the ends together as shown
- wrap a thin strip of rubber tape like shown.

Links to the two other versions of Smartphone Tripods shown in the last images:

Original DIY page:

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    Very nice solution, I was looking for some portable stand for my phone when I use it to play PSone games with PS3 controller. I have to try this.