Hi guys, I am Robin, one of the developers of Annikken Andee. Just a few weeks back we were invited to be a part of Arduino Day Singapore 2014. On the day of the event, we showcased a missile-firing lego-crushing smartphone controlled Tank built using our Annikken Andee.

It was a big hit with our audience and many of them have enquired on the making of the Tank. We wanted to share our Tank making knowledge with the Instructables community. So to get you in the seat of a POTENTIAL TANK COMMANDER, I am going to give a step by step guide on creating the Andee Battle Tank, or ABT in short.

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

Our ABT is built using the following parts. You can source from them from Amazon, Pololu, Aliexpress etc.
1 x Arduino Uno
1 x Pololu Zumo Robot
1 x Annikken Andee
1 x WLToys V959-19 Missile Launcher (Amazon) (Aliexpress)
1 x Smartphone (Android 4.0 and above)
(note: if you are using iOS, you will need to the get Annikken Andee for iOS)

You might/will also need to the followings to get the job done
2.54mm Row Male Pin header
2.54mm Row Female Pin header
thin insulated wire
Insulated Tape
Double sided Tape / Blu-tack / Something Sticky
Some Soldering and Desoldering work
4 x AA Batteries

<p>Hey, I made this a while ago, but here's a pic of the tank. BTW awesome project.</p>
<p>Hello Adam,</p><p>The tank looks awesome! We are glad that you enjoyed the process of making the Andee Battle tank! </p><p>Look out for more projects in the future! </p>
<p>Hello my name is Adam and I'm 13 y.o.,</p><p>I built this a couple days ago and I have a problem:</p><p>When I try to connect the Andee to my iphone, I just get a swirling circle in the top right corner. I tried re-uploading the arduino code, still nothing. Do you know what is going on?</p><p>j</p>
<p>Hi Adam,</p><p>Thanks for giving the tank a shot!<br>from your description, i know your iPhone has successfully connected to the Annikken Andee. And that's half the battle Won.<br>There are a few things that I need from you to better solve your trouble.<br>1) Which Annikken Andee are you using? (Andee U? Andee for iOS? Andee for Android 2015?)<br>2) Have you gone through 'Step 3 (Hack the Annikken Andee)' in the tutorial?<br>3) If you can, send me the source code that you are using for the Tank. You can contact me at robin@annikken.com</p>
<p>Thanks for responding,</p><p>1) I'm using the Andee U, I got that for Christmas with a starter kit</p><p>2) Yes I have, I took the shorter pin out of S8 and put it in S5</p><p>3) OK, I'll do that right away</p><p>Thanks again,</p><p>Adam</p>
<p>Hi Adam,</p><p>Thank you for the information.<br>in the source code, change the &quot;ArduinoCommunicationPin = 4&quot; to &quot; ... = 5&quot;</p><p>You should see:<br>const int ArduinoCommunicationPin = 5;</p><p>Hopefully this should solve your problem =)<br>I have also fixed the Instruction in the guide.<br>Thank you for pointing this out!<br>Let me know if you have any other questions</p>
<p>Yes that worked. Thanks for your help. :D</p><p>I will post pics. later.</p><p>Adam</p>
<p>Hi Pratyadi,</p><p>At the moment, the easiest way to control the launcher is via the DC motor. The missile are basically spring loaded. You will feel/hear a soft &quot;click&quot; sound when you push the missile into the barrel. The function of the DC motor is just to trigger the mechanism to release the latch holding the missile in place.<br><br>the Launcher uses a simple DC motor, therefore polarity doesn't matter here.<br>Yes you can simply set the digital pin to HIGH on the yellow wire and the white wire to ground to fire the missile.</p>
<p>Is there a way to manually control the launcher without the DC motor?</p><p>How were the yellow and white wires connected to DC motor? </p><p>Is it possitive for yellow and ground for white? Can we just trigger it by setting the digital pin High on the yellow wire?</p>
Awesome Ible......
<p>So you can't upload your sketch through bluetooth?</p>
<p>Hey man! Awesome instructable! I didn't make the tank, just wanted to know how to wire this missile launcher, after long researches I found this, finally! So thank you very much :D<br>Just a little question: is there any way to slow down the firing? If I connect the yellow/white wires to 3.3V and a button, as soon as I shortly press the button it fires at least 3 missiles...that motor is so fast =/</p>
Hi,<br>thank you for your kind words!<br>As this missile launcher works by simply rotating the motor, of hand i can think of these few methods.<br><br>1) tap the button instead of pressing. hopefully this will reduce the contact time and<br><br>2) add a resistor. hopefully the reduced voltage can slow the motor down<br><br>3) use an arduino. the button press will send an interrupt to the arduino. in the interrupt, create a short pulse (~50ms) to fire the missile.<br>http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/attachInterrupt
I want to use it on a quadcopter remotely controlled, I'll try the second solution, thanks a lot! :D
<p>@zhangzy: thanks! Yup, Andee is a great solution for tinkerers like yourself to integrate smartphone with hardware projects. I am certain that you will like it. The missile? i manage to get it from aliexpress at US$8 (free shipping). Wait what? you manage to get the missile launcher set at US$2? *ouch* &gt;.&lt; ORZ</p><p>@Enjoying Electronics: Really?! what a coincidence! Time to update your wallpaper with this new one :P<br>PS: the hack on the 9g servo is pretty interesting, will try it out =)<br><br>@jueljp: BEST TANK EVERRR!!<br></p>
<p>Nice Job! I've always wanted to control my arduino via smartphones, but have difficulty learning the programming. Annikken Andee seems to be a nice solution to my problem. Love your humor about the missile~ BTW, how much did you get the missile? it's surprisingly cheap in China, only 2 dollars.</p>
<p>DUDE that epic picture (without the tank :) is my desktop background!!! How funny!</p><p>Anyways this is awesome! Very neat!</p>
<p>best tank eveerrrr</p>

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