So thisLAZY OLD GEEK (LOG) decided to get a smartphone. So being who I am, this involved some decision making and this Instructable explains some of my decisions, so maybe this could be called:
Smartphone for dummies, OLD, cheap, frugal, Lazy, aging, seniors.
But who would read it with a title like that.
So I am OLD, I remember using the rotary phones. (See picture) Simple to use and reliable. Almost everyone could use them.
Then there’s the wireless phone and cellphone (See picture). For making calls, still pretty simply. You just might have to push a button to make a call or hang up and you had to stay in range.
Then there’s the smartphone! Yikes, millions of manufactures, versions, features, options. So what is a smartphone? Wikipedia has a definition:
To me a smartphone is any cellphone that can do a lot more than just make calls.
NOTE: There are very few physical buttons. Significant later.
Okay, your first decision, should you wish to take this assignment is do you really want a smartphone. Here’s a good guide that may help you decide.
So, I’m a GEEK, I like tech so this was pretty easy decision. Yes, I wanted a smartphone.

Step 1: Apple Vs Android

IMHO, the second decision is do you want Apple (iphone) or Android.
Now this is a major decision that will affect the rest of your life. And like that illusive butterfly, it may change the future of the world. (Just kidding).
For those of you not in the know, this refers to the OS(operating system) of the smartphone. All Apple products use iOS (iphone operating system). Most other smartphones use Android which was basically originated by Google.
TECHNOBABBLE: Yes, I realize there are other OSs such as Blackberry and Microsoft. But not my problem.
Thoughts according to LOG(me)
Apple iOS is a proprietary OS owned and developed by Apple and available only on Apple mobile devices.
Well designed
User friendly
Apps(Applications) are vetted by Apple so likely to work
Devices are Apple so OS upgrades will have few problems
Limited hardware choices
Android is an open source OS originally developed by Google but can be used by anyone and is available on many devices from many manufacturers.
More hardware choices
Wider price range
OS upgrades controlled by smartphone manufacturer and possibly service provider so may be delayed or not available.
Apps(Applications) are not vetted, so inconsistent quality and may not work.
For myself, I did a cost-benefit analysis and decided an Android device was best for my needs.
<p>Disappointed. I wanted to learn how to use my smartphone, not whether or not to buy one and how. Certainly entertaining about the Chinese. But not particularly useful. You said you didn't know how to take a call. Then you said to read the manual. I already read the manual. Now I've read you too. And I still don't know how to answer a call, or what an app is, or how to swipe it. Maybe it's time for an updated instructable.</p>
<p>So the problem with answering simple questions like how to answer a call is that each smartphone is different and sometimes if you get software upgrade it will change again. Now with my current smartphone when I get a call a little symbol is flashing on the screen and to answer I swipe up. To swipe means to put your finger on the flashing symbol and move your finger up. Now I believe a slightly older version you had to swipe right.</p><p>Suggestions:</p><p>Probably one of the easiest ways to learn the basics is to ask a kid, child/grandchild, neighbor. They are usually pretty tech savy. Or if you have a relative or friend that has a smartphone.</p><p>Another is to go back to where you bought it and ask them if they can show you the basics.</p><p>If you want to do it yourself, first I would suggest you find out if you have an Apple/ iPhone or and Android. </p><p>Then you can search for something like &quot;iPhone answer call&quot; or &quot;Android answer a call.&quot;</p><p>Good luck</p><p>LOG</p>
<p>I recommend Large Launcher, big font,button. It's really designed for seniors and children.</p><p>You can download in Google play in the following link: </p><p>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tbeasy.largelauncher</p>
<p>Never heard of it but it looks pretty good.</p><p>LOG</p>
<p>Have a look at this:</p><p>Making the smartphone easy and accessible for all.</p><p><strong>www.ezicaretech.com</strong></p>
<p>this was to the point and and very informative so perhaps i'm off to the the verizon store today to purchase my first smartphone probably an android versus apple (my youngest moved 1000+ miles away and wants me to get an iphone for face time hmmm :\) tmi i know i digress. thanks for the post</p>
I enjoyed your lesson. I'm an ex-Blackberry user, and while I appreciate you don't want to go on about Blackberry (RIM), but, I think not giving them more then a mention, could be taken in the wrong context. I think Blackberrys REAL keyboard would be much easier to get used to as opposed to only a touch screen keyboard only. Many seniors have lost the feeling in their fingers, and sometimes can't feel when their fingers are touching the screen. With the keyboard on the Blackberry Devices which is almost miniature computer or laptop keyboard. If they can turn the Blackberry ship around (which looks like it might be just stating to happen now), then I will be saying goodbye to Android. <br><br>FYI. My 93 year old mother just got her first Samsung Android Phone and a Samsung Tablet (note: to readers: If you are a senior please take someone with you the you trust)... If you are a child or grandchild etc. Please offer to go with them. My mother wasn't sold to much product, my brother had her on the company plan, and he wanted mom to gave the Sane as her sisters.). <br><br>I'm sure your posting will be read my many seniors in the tears to come.<br><br>CHEERS FROM TORONTO <br>HOME OF THE <br>TORONTO BLUE JAYS<br><br>BLUE JAY SUPPORTER JEFF
It's &quot;elusive,&quot; not &quot;illusive&quot;.
<p>You're right. Being OLD it's hard for me to see the difference.</p><p>LOG</p>
<p>I too have entered the realm of smartphones (first one) in old age. Learned a lot by making a few mistakes going to Radio Shack and letting them steer me into the two year sentence contract. Always remember, they are there to sell stuff that make them money. All in all I'm happy with it.</p>
<p>I try not to go into a store for a major purchase unless I already know what I want.</p><p>A two year contract is probably fine for a lot of people. But I've heard that after the two years, you can usually find a better deal. </p><p>Glad you're happy with your smartphone.</p><p>LOG</p>
My wife and I got Apple iPhone 4S phones in our mid-60s. I was in love with a Samsung Galaxy III, but the sales guy said the iPhone is easier to learn and I could help my wife when she has struggles. We are doing well after a year of experience. I like the camera, the maps, the audio player for Podcasts, and instant access to information on the Internet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on choosing a phone.
Thanks for the info. It seems like most people who buy iPhones are happy with them. <br> <br>LOG
There are some basic things, like using the calendar or synchronizing regularly with iTunes by cable connection to the computer, I would like my wife to learn. She objects. As long as I am around I am expected to do it for her. If I die first, she plans to live near our kids and get to them to do those things for her.<br><br>I had been using a Palm handheld for several years. I have had to help others with their computers for several years. Making the move to a smart phone was. to a big jump for me.

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