Step 6: Breaking the Halogen Light

**Involves braking more glass just don't hurt yourself**

Because of the thick glass used in the reflector breaking requires some force. To stop shards of glass flying everywhere I thought it wise to put the bulb in a plastic bag, which i proceeded to crush in a vice. Remove the hopefully unscathed bulb from the broken shroud, you may need to use some pliers to break off some of the glass that is held to the bulb with the white ceramic cement.
<p>This is very nice great invent,</p>
If you want to break the lens the easy way, I found my using a propane touch and heat <br>the lens . The inside pressure builds up and will crack the lens.<br><br>thanks<br>bmi00
You know, you can buy halogen capsule bulbs without the reflectors, right? Saves the step of smashing the reflector for extracting the little bulb... :) Actually, it reminds me of some bulbs you can buy now, they look like regular bulbs (like the one in this ible) but inside it's a mains powered halogen bulb about 10w less than an equivalent regular incandescent, though sold as &quot;energy saving&quot;, they're not saving by much... :S

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