Smiley Ornament


Introduction: Smiley Ornament

Smiley Ornament

My name is Eddie Lawson and I am currently a junior in high school. I was required to enter one of these instructables contest. So I decided to do this Christmas Ornament Challenge. I decided to make this smiley face ornament. I think it is good enough to hang up in the White House because when someone sees a smiley face on there tree, it makes them want to smile.

Step 1: Supplies List

1. 3D modeling software

2. 3D printer (or send it to a 3D printing service like

3. Spool of PLA Plastic if you are using a printer.

Step 2: Build the Ornament or Just Download This File.

Step 3: Print It

Send it to

Or use your own 3D printer.

Step 4: Now Hang It on Your Tree and Vote for Me!



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    Great looking ornament! I hope you win and get yours onto the Obama's tree!

    Thanks for posting this. Everybody needs to see a smiley face, at least once a day!

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