Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Cardboard


Introduction: Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Cardboard

I made This for halloween but also because i really Love THIS GUN. Paint sucks but it will do. Made with cardboard and hot glue.



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    I Made One Exactly LIke This On My Youtube Channel, Damoviemaking1 Prop Revolver! COOL!

    hows about a WWII thompson? or do u only do small guns?

    Sure I will get that started this week. If you look at my other posts I have done an Mp5 and a MGL grenade launcher. links below

    those are awesome!!

    Thanks and i actually ran into some time so i will get started on the thompson tonight i will probably finish monday.

    im starting to think u didnt make the gun......

    I am actually almost done. I got really busy but give me a day or two. I will send you a link.

    haha ok no need to rush. i just hadn't seen any activity from u

    Im finished! all i need to do is paint it.