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This is my first instructable, so please bear with me.
We got this material at Walmart, everything else we already had on hand. The material cost $8.28 for 30 inches of material, in all you should be able to make this dress for $10.00 or less.

 So, here we go.
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Step 1: Measure and cut

Picture of measure and cut
Measure around the chest of who ever will be wearing the dress. Our daughter measured 22" around her chest, so we cut the fabric 22". When we make a seam in the back, it will wind up using about an inch of material so that the dress will fit snug.
Try to follow the pattern of the material when cutting the length.

Step 2: Sew the dress

Picture of Sew the dress
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Turn the material inside out. Fold the dress in half, line up the cut edges as best as you can. Pin the seam about an inch from the cut edge.

 If you need to, you can trim both edges at the same time and match up the edges.

 Once you've pinned the seam, you are ready to sew. Sew a straight stich about 1/2" from the cut edge.
 After you get the seam sewn, you should take the top and bottom threads and pull them to the inside of the fabric and tie the threads off in a knot.

tlj46604 years ago
Adorable dress. I have already made one for my daughter