Picture of Smoke-Bomb pull tab ignitor
This intructable if for a excellent, cheap, quick pull tab ignitor.
I was looking on you-tube and plenty of other places, and keet finding really sorry excuses for pull tabs involving whole match books, and only one ignitor per book that provide iffy unreliable results for ignition.

This will show you how to get 8 pull tabs from one book, and a reliable ignitor.

** you can probably get more pull tabs if you cut the strike pad differently.
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Step 1: Warnings!

Picture of Warnings!
I am not responsible for your actions, simple as that.

These are flammable, and can cause bodily harm. Do not ignite in Eyes, Hands, or any other area that can cause damage.
If you do something stupid with them, and burn something down, its your fault. Not mine.

If your a minor, do this with an Adult who can supervise correctly.

Be safe and Have fun.

Step 2: Step one, Materials.

Picture of Step one, Materials.
1 Inch Visco Fuse
1 Book Of paper matches
1 firecracker, or quick match fuse
1 tube of super glue gel ***IMPORTANT for it to be gel, or it /WILL/ ruin fuses***
1 roll of electrical tape, or paper tape
1 pair of scissors (or 10, scissor hands...)

Step 3: Step Two.

Picture of Step Two.
Remove Matches from the Wrapper, keeping strike strip intact.

Step 4: Step Three.

Picture of Step Three.
Cut out Strike Strip Exactly as shown.

Step 5: Step Four.

Picture of Step Four.
Cut about a half centimeter strip from the side of your wrapper flap.

Step 6: Step Five.

Picture of Step Five.
Halve the strike strip as shown.

Be careful, this is important since it needs to fit perfectly onto that stip you cut from the wrapper flap.

Step 7: Step Six.

Picture of Step Six.
put a small dab or your gel super glue on the end of the thin strip you cut, about the length and width of a cut piece of striker strip.

Step 8: Step Seven.

Picture of Step Seven.
Place Strip as shown.

Step 9: Step Eight.

Picture of Step Eight.
Cut a one inch piece of **American** visco.

Step 10: Step Nine.

Picture of Step Nine.
Cut a Small slit in the visco parallel to the fuse. this will be your quick match slot.

Step 11: Step Ten.

Picture of Step Ten.
Your quick match slot.

Step 12: Step Eleven.

Picture of Step Eleven.
Lay your quick match in slot and press in with finger nail.

Step 13: Step Twelve.

Picture of Step Twelve.
Squeeze closed and use your electrical tap to hold closed. use only about an inch of tape at most.

Step 14: Step Thirteen.

Picture of Step Thirteen.
Put gel super glue on about half of the paper match.
Lewis72061 year ago
You think this would work with glue gun glue?
"Do not light in eyes"


What's next, the coffee's hot?

If they're dumb enough to ignite this in front of their eyes, they deserve whatever's coming to them. Fuck them and their eyesight!

btw, great work.
andi4565 years ago
This is from the armys black book, there book of improvised munitions, so its copyright. good job taking credit.
wyefye (author)  andi4565 years ago
Yah, maybe. Too bad I've never heard of the "black book". I also doubt this is copyright. why not show some proof of your claim? Also, too bad i actually sat down and improvised this, myself.. without the help of this mysterious book.
I just tape firecrackers to matches and then make the pull ring from a single strip and a rubber band, its an instant pull *Click*Click*Click* BOOM
Jaycub andi4565 years ago
How can I get this book, Is there a websit where I can read it online?
junits155 years ago
where can I get visco fuses?
Jaycub junits155 years ago
There are fuse instructables.
junits15 Jaycub5 years ago
i know, but where can i buy them?
wyefye (author)  junits155 years ago
if you over 21, the internet. look around. if you look higher in the comments, there is a link.
ilpug6 years ago
gnarly... i wish everything didnt use firecrackers, theyre hard to get in my area... comment virginity taken!
wyefye (author)  ilpug6 years ago
easy to get, depending on your age. you want paper fuse. i just had a bunch of firecrackers lying around.