Step 8: Step Seven.

Place Strip as shown.
&quot;Do not light in eyes&quot; <br> <br>Really?! <br> <br>What's next, the coffee's hot? <br> <br>If they're dumb enough to ignite this in front of their eyes, they deserve whatever's coming to them. Fuck them and their eyesight! <br> <br>btw, great work.
This is from the armys black book, there book of improvised munitions, so its copyright. good job taking credit.
Yah, maybe. Too bad I've never heard of the "black book". I also doubt this is copyright. why not show some proof of your claim? Also, too bad i actually sat down and improvised this, myself.. without the help of this mysterious book.
I just tape firecrackers to matches and then make the pull ring from a single strip and a rubber band, its an instant pull *Click*Click*Click* BOOM
How can I get this book, Is there a websit where I can read it online?
where can I get visco fuses?
There are fuse instructables.
i know, but where can i buy them?
if you over 21, the internet. look around. if you look higher in the comments, there is a link. <br />
gnarly... i wish everything didnt use firecrackers, theyre hard to get in my area... comment virginity taken!
easy to get, depending on your age. you want paper fuse. i just had a bunch of firecrackers lying around. <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.pyrocreations.com/inc/sdetail/4113">http://www.pyrocreations.com/inc/sdetail/4113</a><br/>

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