Smoke Detector Rework for Remote Use With Experiments





Introduction: Smoke Detector Rework for Remote Use With Experiments

One of the guys on our forum (TEEP forum) came up with the great idea of placing a Smoke Alarm over his Bedini work station, I have gone a little further with this idea.

I do all my experiments out in the Shed, if I put a smoke alarm out the and something was to happen over night I would have no idea it was happening, I doubt I would ever hear it.

So to combat this problem I have reworked a smoke alarm to work remotely.

many of you will find this a easy task but for those whom are not so keen I have created a detailed video on how to do it.....

hope you all enjoy... and please thumbs up my vids if you think I've done a good job :)

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Take care all :D



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Hey ... im makin a project that involves makin a device that detects smoke but it has to be small it cannot be d size of d average smoke detector ... any help about making it would be a appreciated thanks

Maybe look into Arduino mate, they have just about everything you'll want for such a project, however I've never built one so that is all the help I can offer. but that will get you off to a running start

Hi there,
I really wish to carry out this project, but the video "does not exist"...I'd be really happy if someone could post the correct link, please?
Thank you

Link fixed mate, enjoy :)

Thanks for the video, it did a pretty good job of teaching.
A PDF with macro shots would be very nice for letting people save the instructable on their own computers for reference.

Keep it up!